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Low-level functions for relative or absolute URL calculation.

Compute service's URL

Please note that for many functions of this section, the returned URL depends on whether the function is called from a service handler or not:

  • relative URL could not be computed outside of a service handler.
  • "kept" non localized parameters outside a service handler are restricted to preapplied parameters.

To define global link (i.e. outside of a service handler) and recompute a relative URL at each request, use Eliom_registration.Html.a or other specialized functions from Eliom_registration.Html.

val make_string_uri : ?absolute:bool -> ?absolute_path:bool -> ?https:bool -> service: ('get, unit, Eliom_service.get, _, _, _, _, _, _, unit, 'return) Eliom_service.t -> ?hostname:string -> ?port:int -> ?fragment:string -> ?keep_nl_params:[ `All | `None | `Persistent ] -> ?nl_params:Eliom_parameter.nl_params_set -> 'get -> string

The function make_string_uri ~service get_params creates the string corresponding to the URL of the service service applied to the GET parameters get_params.

See Eliom_registration.Html.make_string_uri or any other Eliom_registration.*.make_string_uri for a detailed description of optional parameters.

Warning: The function make_string_uri should not be called outside of a service handler, unless hostname is not None and one of the following condition is met:

  • the optional parameter ~absolute_path is true.
  • the optional parameter ~absolute is true.
  • the optional parameter ~https is true.
  • the service has been created with ~https:true.
  • the service is an external service.
val make_uri_components : ?absolute:bool -> ?absolute_path:bool -> ?https:bool -> service:('get, _, Eliom_service.get, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _) Eliom_service.t -> ?hostname:string -> ?port:int -> ?fragment:string -> ?keep_nl_params:[ `All | `None | `Persistent ] -> ?nl_params:Eliom_parameter.nl_params_set -> 'get -> string * (string * Eliommod_parameters.param) list * string option

The function make_uri_components service get_params returns the a triplet (path, get_params, fragment) that is a decomposition of the URL of service applied to the GET parameters get_params.

See Eliom_registration.Html.make_uri_components or any other Eliom_registration.*.make_uri_components for a detailed description.

val make_post_uri_components : ?absolute:bool -> ?absolute_path:bool -> ?https:bool -> service: ('get, 'post,, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _) Eliom_service.t -> ?hostname:string -> ?port:int -> ?fragment:string -> ?keep_nl_params:[ `All | `Persistent | `None ] -> ?nl_params:Eliom_parameter.nl_params_set -> ?keep_get_na_params:bool -> 'get -> 'post -> string * (string * Eliommod_parameters.param) list * string option * (string * Eliommod_parameters.param) list

Same a make_uri_components, but also returns a table of post parameters.

val make_string_uri_from_components : (string * (string * Eliommod_parameters.param) list * string option) -> string

The function make_string_uri_from_components path get_params fragment build the corresponding string URL. The path should be URL encoded.

The function make_string_uri is the composition of make_uri_components and make_string_uri_from_components.

Relative paths

val reconstruct_relative_url_path : string list -> string list -> string list

The function reconstruct_relative_url_path src dest returns a path to dest that is relative to src.