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A taste of OCaml

(* Binary tree with leaves car­rying an integer. *)
type tree = Leaf of int | Node of tree * tree

let rec exists_leaf test tree =
  match tree with
  | Leaf v -> test v
  | Node (left, right) ->
      exists_leaf test left
      || exists_leaf test right

let has_even_leaf tree =
  exists_leaf (fun n -> n mod 2 = 0) tree

OCaml is a lot more powerful than this simple example shows. See more examples!


Package Version Date
decoders-yojson0.2.0Jun 25, 2019
decoders-ezjsonm0.2.0Jun 25, 2019
decoders0.2.0Jun 25, 2019
google-drive-ocamlfuse0.7.6Jun 25, 2019
gapi-ocaml0.3.12Jun 25, 2019
domain-name0.2.0Jun 25, 2019