package eliom

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This module makes also possible get information from the configuration file.

It make also possible to add configuration options in configuration file for your Eliom modules. Use Eliom_config.parse_config for that.


     <eliommodule ...>
        <myoption myattr="...">myvalue</myoption>
val get_default_hostname : unit -> string

The function get_default_hostname ()returns the hostname declared in the config file (<host defaulthostname="...">) or the default machine hostname. In that case, absolute URL will use that hostname.

val get_default_port : unit -> int

The function get_default_port () returns the port number declared in the config file (<host defaulthttpport="...">) or 80 if undeclared.

val get_default_sslport : unit -> int

The function get_default_sslport () returns the https port number declared in the config file (<host defaulthttpsport="...">) or 443 if undeclared.

val default_protocol_is_https : unit -> bool

The function default_protocol_is_https () returns true if there is option (<host defaultprotocol="https">)or false otherwise. In that case, absolute links will use https protocol even if the current request is http.

val get_config_default_charset : unit -> string

The function get_config_default_charset () returns the default charset for this site.

The provided value serves as a default value for the optional parameter ~xhr in the functions Eliom_registration.*.{a, get_form, post_form, lwt_get_form, lwt_post_form} (cf. Eliom_registration.Html.a et al.). This value can also be set in the config file.

val get_config : unit -> Xml.xml list

The function get_config () returns the information of the configuration file concerning that site (between <eliommodule> and </eliommodule> or <eliom> and </eliom>).

Warning: You must call that function during the initialisation of your module (not during a Lwt thread or a service) otherwise it will raise the exception Eliom_common.Eliom_site_information_not_available. If you want to build a statically linkable module, you must call this function inside the initialisation function given to Eliom_service.register_eliom_module.

val parse_config : ?pcdata:(string -> unit) -> ?other_elements:(string -> (string * string) list -> Xml.xml list -> unit) -> Ocsigen_extensions.Configuration.element list -> unit

Process the configuration (same as the one returned by <<a_api module="Eliom_config" | val get_config>> ) by a given specification (cf. <<a_api project="ocsigenserver" | type Ocsigen_extensions.Configuration.element >> )

val get_config_info : unit -> Ocsigen_extensions.config_info

The function get_config_info () returns the information concerning the current request from the configuration files (must be called during a request). The configuration may have been modified by previous Ocsigen server extensions.

val get_debugmode : unit -> bool

Same as Ocsigen_config.get_debugmode. On client side, returns false for now.


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