package eliom

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Module type
Class type
val get_global_data : unit -> Eliom_runtime.global_data
val get_request_data : unit -> Eliom_runtime.request_data
val client_value : ?pos:Eliom_lib.pos -> string -> 'args -> 'a Eliom_client_value.t

Registers a client value datum for the next server section when executed in a global_data (cf. Eliom_syntax.set_global) or in the request_data when executed in a request.

val set_global : bool -> unit

All client values created between set_global true and set_global false are considered global client values (cf. <<a_manual chapter="clientserver-language" chapter="clientvalues"|the manual>>).

val global_context : unit -> bool

Returns whether client values created in the current context should be considered global

val close_server_section : string -> unit

Called at the end of each server or shared section. The argument identifies the compilation unit.

Adds the list of recently registered Eliom_runtime.client_value_datums into the queue of server section data of the compilation unit (Eliom_lib_base.compilation_unit_global_data).

Called in parallel with <<a_api subproject="client"|Eliom_client.Syntax_helpers.close_server_section>>.

val close_client_section : string -> (int * Ocsigen_lib.poly * Eliom_lib.pos * string option) list -> unit

Called at the end of every client or shared section. The first argument identifies the compilation unit. The second is the list of novel injections in that section.

Adds a list of Eliom_lib_base.injection_datums into the queue of client section data of the compilation unit (Eliom_lib_base.compilation_unit_global_data).

Called in parallel with <<a_api subproject="client"|Eliom_client.Syntax_helpers.open_client_section>>.

val escaped_value : 'a -> Eliom_runtime.escaped_value

Convert any value to a Eliom_runtime.escaped_value for usage in the args argument to Eliom_syntax.client_value.