package eliom

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See the Eliom manual for more information on <<a_manual chapter="clientserver-html" fragment="unique"| dom semantics vs. functional semantics>> for HTML5 tree manipulated by client/server application.

type 'a wrap = 'a
type 'a list_wrap = 'a list
type +'a elt
type +'a attrib
type uri = Xml.uri
module F : sig ... end
module D : sig ... end
module Make (Xml : Xml_sigs.T with type elt = Xml.elt and type attrib = Xml.attrib) (_ : Html_sigs.Wrapped_functions with module Xml = Xml) (Svg : Svg_sigs.T with module Xml := Xml) : Html_sigs.Make(Xml)(Svg).T with type +'a elt = 'a elt and type +'a attrib = 'a attrib
module Id : sig ... end
module Custom_data : sig ... end
module Printer : Xml_sigs.Typed_pp with type +'a elt := 'a F.elt and type doc := F.doc