package eliom

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Server to client notifications.

This module makes it possible for client side applications to be notified of changes on some indexed data (resources) on the server.

Apply functor Make or Make_Simple for each type of data you want to be able to listen on. Each client starts listening on one piece of data by calling function listen with the index of that piece of data as parameter. Client stops listening by calling function unlisten, or when the client side state is closed (by timeout or when the client disconnects for example).

When the data is modified on server side, call function notify with the index of the data, and all clients listening to that piece of data will receive a notification.

The functor will also create a client side react signal that will be updated every time the client is notified.

See module Os_notif in Ocsigen Start for an example of use.

module type S = sig ... end

Signature of the functors Eliom_notif.Make and Eliom_notif.Make_Simple.

module type ARG = sig ... end

ARG is for making Make

module Make (A : ARG) : S with type identity = A.identity and type key = A.key and type server_notif = A.server_notif and type client_notif = A.client_notif

Use this functor if you need to customise your notifications with client-specific data (or block notifications for specific clients). This is made to work specifically in a multi-server set-up as well, where In a multi-server set-up notifications might need to be serialised twice, once before broadcasting them to the other servers (without client information present), and then once more to forward them to the clients possibly augmenting it with client-specific data or block for specific clients; see ARG.prepare.

module type ARG_SIMPLE = sig ... end

ARG_SIMPLE is for making Make_Simple

module Make_Simple (A : ARG_SIMPLE) : S with type key = A.key and type server_notif = A.notification and type client_notif = A.notification

Use this functor if you have no need of customising your notifications with client-specific data.