package eliom

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Library (and extension for ocsigenserver) for storing and retrieving key/value data in a persistent manner. This module defines a unified frontend for a number of different backends.

Functorial frontent. Allows for custom (de)serialisation functions, which keeps data human-readable in the backend.

module type TABLE = Ocsipersist_lib.Sigs.TABLE

Table representation as generated by the functor Functorial.Table

Polymorphic frontent. Relies on Marshal for (de)serialisation, which means that data will be stored in the backend in a fashion that is not necessarily easily readable by non-OCaml-based life forms. If this is an issue for you, you can rely on the functorial frontend instead.

type 'value table = 'value Polymorphic.table

Table representation as generated by the function Polymorphic.open_table

The variable store allows for the persistent storage of individual variables. Relies on Stdlib.Marshal for (de)serialisation, which entails the same limitations as for the Polymorphic frontend. If this is an issue you can rely on Functorial frontend instead (see TABLE.Variable).

type store =
type 'a variable = 'a Store.t