package eliom

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Module type
Class type

Same functions as in Eliom_reference but a non-Lwt interface for non-persistent Eliom references.

type 'a eref = ('a, [ `Volatile ]) eref'

The type of volatile Eliom references. Note that ('a Eliom_reference.Volatile.eref :> 'a Eliom_reference.eref), i.e. wherever you can use an 'a Eliom_reference.eref you can also use an 'a Eliom_reference.Volatile.eref :> 'a Eliom_reference.eref.

val eref : scope:[< Eliom_common.all_scope ] -> ?secure:bool -> 'a -> 'a eref
val eref_from_fun : scope:[< Eliom_common.all_scope ] -> ?secure:bool -> (unit -> 'a) -> 'a eref
val get : 'a eref -> 'a
val set : 'a eref -> 'a -> unit
val modify : 'a eref -> ('a -> 'a) -> unit
val unset : 'a eref -> unit
module Ext : sig ... end

This module allows access to volatile references for other groups, sessions, or client processes. Use it in conjunction with functions like Eliom_state.Ext.iter_volatile_sub_states to get the sessions from a group (or the processes from a session).