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val sioc : Iri.t

val sioc_ : string -> Iri.t
val c_Community : Iri.t

Community is a high-level concept that defines an online community and what it consists of.

val c_Container : Iri.t

An area in which content Items are contained.

val c_Forum : Iri.t

A discussion area on which Posts or entries are made.

val c_Item : Iri.t

An Item is something which can be in a Container.

val c_Post : Iri.t

An article or message that can be posted to a Forum.

val c_Role : Iri.t

A Role is a function of a UserAccount within a scope of a particular Forum, Site, etc.

val c_Site : Iri.t

A Site can be the location of an online community or set of communities, with UserAccounts and Usergroups creating Items in a set of Containers. It can be thought of as a web-accessible data Space.

val c_Space : Iri.t

A Space is a place where data resides, e.g. on a website, desktop, fileshare, etc.

val c_Thread : Iri.t

A container for a series of threaded discussion Posts or Items.

val c_User : Iri.t

UserAccount is now preferred. This is a deprecated class for a User in an online community site.

val c_UserAccount : Iri.t

A user account in an online community site.

val c_Usergroup : Iri.t

A set of UserAccounts whose owners have a common purpose or interest. Can be used for access control purposes.

val about : Iri.t

Specifies that this Item is about a particular resource, e.g. a Post describing a book, hotel, etc.

val account_of : Iri.t

Refers to the foaf:Agent or foaf:Person who owns this sioc:UserAccount.

val addressed_to : Iri.t

Refers to who (e.g. a UserAccount, e-mail address, etc.) a particular Item is addressed to.

val administrator_of : Iri.t

A Site that the UserAccount is an administrator of.

val attachment : Iri.t

The URI of a file attached to an Item.

val avatar : Iri.t

An image or depiction used to represent this UserAccount.

val container_of : Iri.t

An Item that this Container contains.

val content : Iri.t

The content of the Item in plain text format.

val content_encoded : Iri.t

The encoded content of the Post, contained in CDATA areas.

val created_at : Iri.t

When this was created, in ISO 8601 format.

val creator_of : Iri.t

A resource that the UserAccount is a creator of.

val description : Iri.t

The content of the Post.

val email : Iri.t

An electronic mail address of the UserAccount.

val email_sha1 : Iri.t

An electronic mail address of the UserAccount, encoded using SHA1.

val embeds_knowledge : Iri.t

This links Items to embedded statements, facts and structured content.

val feed : Iri.t

A feed (e.g. RSS, Atom, etc.) pertaining to this resource (e.g. for a Forum, Site, UserAccount, etc.).

val first_name : Iri.t

First (real) name of this User. Synonyms include given name or christian name.

val follows : Iri.t

Indicates that one UserAccount follows another UserAccount (e.g. for microblog posts or other content item updates).

val function_of : Iri.t

A UserAccount that has this Role.

val group_of : Iri.t
val has_administrator : Iri.t

A UserAccount that is an administrator of this Site.

val has_container : Iri.t

The Container to which this Item belongs.

val has_creator : Iri.t

This is the UserAccount that made this resource.

val has_discussion : Iri.t

The discussion that is related to this Item.

val has_function : Iri.t

A Role that this UserAccount has.

val has_group : Iri.t
val has_host : Iri.t

The Site that hosts this Forum.

val has_member : Iri.t

A UserAccount that is a member of this Usergroup.

val has_moderator : Iri.t

A UserAccount that is a moderator of this Forum.

val has_modifier : Iri.t

A UserAccount that modified this Item.

val has_owner : Iri.t

A UserAccount that this resource is owned by.

val has_parent : Iri.t

A Container or Forum that this Container or Forum is a child of.

val has_part : Iri.t

An resource that is a part of this subject.

val has_reply : Iri.t

Points to an Item or Post that is a reply or response to this Item or Post.

val has_scope : Iri.t

A resource that this Role applies to.

val has_space : Iri.t

A data Space which this resource is a part of.

val has_subscriber : Iri.t

A UserAccount that is subscribed to this Container.

val has_usergroup : Iri.t

Points to a Usergroup that has certain access to this Space.

val host_of : Iri.t

A Forum that is hosted on this Site.

val id : Iri.t

An identifier of a SIOC concept instance. For example, a user ID. Must be unique for instances of each type of SIOC concept within the same site.

val ip_address : Iri.t

The IP address used when creating this Item. This can be associated with a creator. Some wiki articles list the IP addresses for the creator or modifiers when the usernames are absent.

val last_activity_date : Iri.t

The date and time of the last activity associated with a SIOC concept instance, and expressed in ISO 8601 format. This could be due to a reply Post or Comment, a modification to an Item, etc.

val last_item_date : Iri.t

The date and time of the last Post (or Item) in a Forum (or a Container), in ISO 8601 format.

val last_name : Iri.t

Last (real) name of this user. Synonyms include surname or family name.

val last_reply_date : Iri.t

The date and time of the last reply Post or Comment, which could be associated with a starter Item or Post or with a Thread, and expressed in ISO 8601 format.

val latest_version : Iri.t

Links to the latest revision of this Item or Post.

A URI of a document which contains this SIOC object.

Links extracted from hyperlinks within a SIOC concept, e.g. Post or Site.

val member_of : Iri.t

A Usergroup that this UserAccount is a member of.

val moderator_of : Iri.t

A Forum that a UserAccount is a moderator of.

val modified_at : Iri.t

When this was modified, in ISO 8601 format.

val modifier_of : Iri.t

An Item that this UserAccount has modified.

val name : Iri.t

The name of a SIOC concept instance, e.g. a username for a UserAccount, group name for a Usergroup, etc.

val next_by_date : Iri.t

Next Item or Post in a given Container sorted by date.

val next_version : Iri.t

Links to the next revision of this Item or Post.

val note : Iri.t

A note associated with this resource, for example, if it has been edited by a UserAccount.

val num_authors : Iri.t

The number of unique authors (UserAccounts and unregistered posters) who have contributed to this Item, Thread, Post, etc.

val num_items : Iri.t

The number of Posts (or Items) in a Forum (or a Container).

val num_replies : Iri.t

The number of replies that this Item, Thread, Post, etc. has. Useful for when the reply structure is absent.

val num_threads : Iri.t

The number of Threads (AKA discussion topics) in a Forum.

val num_views : Iri.t

The number of times this Item, Thread, UserAccount profile, etc. has been viewed.

val owner_of : Iri.t

A resource owned by a particular UserAccount, for example, a weblog or image gallery.

val parent_of : Iri.t

A child Container or Forum that this Container or Forum is a parent of.

val part_of : Iri.t

A resource that the subject is a part of.

val previous_by_date : Iri.t

Previous Item or Post in a given Container sorted by date.

val previous_version : Iri.t

Links to the previous revision of this Item or Post.

val reference : Iri.t

Links either created explicitly or extracted implicitly on the HTML level from the Post.

Related Posts for this Post, perhaps determined implicitly from topics or references.

val reply_of : Iri.t

Links to an Item or Post which this Item or Post is a reply to.

val scope_of : Iri.t

A Role that has a scope of this resource.

val space_of : Iri.t

A resource which belongs to this data Space.

val subject : Iri.t

Keyword(s) describing subject of the Post.

val subscriber_of : Iri.t

A Container that a UserAccount is subscribed to.

val title : Iri.t

This is the title (subject line) of the Post. Note that for a Post within a threaded discussion that has no parents, it would detail the topic thread.

val topic : Iri.t

A topic of interest, linking to the appropriate URI, e.g. in the Open Directory Project or of a SKOS category.

val usergroup_of : Iri.t

A Space that the Usergroup has access to.

module Open : sig ... end
class from : ?sub:Term.term -> Graph.graph -> object ... end

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