package rdf

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Elements of

val acl : Iri.t

val acl_ : string -> Iri.t
val c_Access : Iri.t

Any kind of access to a resource. Don't use this, use R W and RW

val c_Append : Iri.t

Append accesses are specific write access which only add information, and do not remove information. For text files, for example, append access allows bytes to be added onto the end of the file. For RDF graphs, Append access allows adds triples to the graph but does not remove any. Append access is useful for dropbox functionality. Dropbox can be used for link notification, which the information added is a notification that a some link has been made elsewhere relevant to the given resource.

val c_Authorization : Iri.t

An element of access control, allowing agent to agents access of some kind to resources or classes of resources

val c_Control : Iri.t

Allows read/write access to the ACL for the resource(s)

val c_Read : Iri.t

The class of read operations

val c_Write : Iri.t
val accessControl : Iri.t

The Access Control file for this information resource. This may of course be a virtual resorce implemented by the access control system. Note also HTTP's header Link: foo.meta ;rel=meta can be used for this.

val accessTo : Iri.t

The information resource to which access is being granted.

val accessToClass : Iri.t

A class of information resources to which access is being granted.

val agent : Iri.t

A person or social entity to being given the right

val agentClass : Iri.t

A class of persons or social entities to being given the right

val agentGroup : Iri.t

A group of persons or social entities to being given the right

val defaultForNew : Iri.t

A directory for which this authorization is used for new files in the directory.

val delegates : Iri.t

Delegates a person or another agent to act on behalf of the agent. For example, Alice delegates Bob to act on behalf of Alice for ACL purposes.

val mode : Iri.t

A mode of access such as read or write.

val owner : Iri.t

The person or other agent which owns this. For example, the owner of a file in a filesystem. There is a sense of right to control. Typically defaults to the agent who craeted something but can be changed.

module Open : sig ... end
class from : ?sub:Term.term -> Graph.graph -> object ... end

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