package rdf

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val foaf : Iri.t

val foaf_ : string -> Iri.t
val c_Agent : Iri.t

An agent (eg. person, group, software or physical artifact).

val c_Document : Iri.t

A document.

val c_Group : Iri.t

A class of Agents.

val c_Image : Iri.t

An image.

val c_LabelProperty : Iri.t

A foaf:LabelProperty is any RDF property with texual values that serve as labels.

val c_OnlineAccount : Iri.t

An online account.

val c_OnlineChatAccount : Iri.t

An online chat account.

val c_OnlineEcommerceAccount : Iri.t

An online e-commerce account.

val c_OnlineGamingAccount : Iri.t

An online gaming account.

val c_Organization : Iri.t

An organization.

val c_Person : Iri.t

A person.

val c_PersonalProfileDocument : Iri.t

A personal profile RDF document.

val c_Project : Iri.t

A project (a collective endeavour of some kind).

val account : Iri.t

Indicates an account held by this agent.

val accountName : Iri.t

Indicates the name (identifier) associated with this online account.

val accountServiceHomepage : Iri.t

Indicates a homepage of the service provide for this online account.

val age : Iri.t

The age in years of some agent.

val aimChatID : Iri.t

An AIM chat ID

val based_near : Iri.t

A location that something is based near, for some broadly human notion of near.

val birthday : Iri.t

The birthday of this Agent, represented in mm-dd string form, eg. '12-31'.

val currentProject : Iri.t

A current project this person works on.

val depiction : Iri.t

A depiction of some thing.

val depicts : Iri.t

A thing depicted in this representation.

val dnaChecksum : Iri.t

A checksum for the DNA of some thing. Joke.

val familyName : Iri.t

The family name of some person.

val family_name : Iri.t

The family name of some person.

val firstName : Iri.t

The first name of a person.

val focus : Iri.t

The underlying or 'focal' entity associated with some SKOS-described concept.

val fundedBy : Iri.t

An organization funding a project or person.

val geekcode : Iri.t

A textual geekcode for this person, see

val gender : Iri.t

The gender of this Agent (typically but not necessarily 'male' or 'female').

val givenName : Iri.t

The given name of some person.

val givenname : Iri.t

The given name of some person.

val holdsAccount : Iri.t

Indicates an account held by this agent.

val homepage : Iri.t

A homepage for some thing.

val icqChatID : Iri.t

An ICQ chat ID

val img : Iri.t

An image that can be used to represent some thing (ie. those depictions which are particularly representative of something, eg. one's photo on a homepage).

val interest : Iri.t

A page about a topic of interest to this person.

val isPrimaryTopicOf : Iri.t

A document that this thing is the primary topic of.

val jabberID : Iri.t

A jabber ID for something.

val knows : Iri.t

A person known by this person (indicating some level of reciprocated interaction between the parties).

val lastName : Iri.t

The last name of a person.

A logo representing some thing.

val made : Iri.t

Something that was made by this agent.

val maker : Iri.t

An agent that made this thing.

val mbox : Iri.t

A personal mailbox, ie. an Internet mailbox associated with exactly one owner, the first owner of this mailbox. This is a 'static inverse functional property', in that there is (across time and change) at most one individual that ever has any particular value for foaf:mbox.

val mbox_sha1sum : Iri.t

The sha1sum of the URI of an Internet mailbox associated with exactly one owner, the first owner of the mailbox.

val member : Iri.t

Indicates a member of a Group

val membershipClass : Iri.t

Indicates the class of individuals that are a member of a Group

val msnChatID : Iri.t

An MSN chat ID

val myersBriggs : Iri.t

A Myers Briggs (MBTI) personality classification.

val name : Iri.t

A name for some thing.

val nick : Iri.t

A short informal nickname characterising an agent (includes login identifiers, IRC and other chat nicknames).

val openid : Iri.t

An OpenID for an Agent.

val page : Iri.t

A page or document about this thing.

val pastProject : Iri.t

A project this person has previously worked on.

val phone : Iri.t

A phone, specified using fully qualified tel: URI scheme (refs:

val plan : Iri.t

A .plan comment, in the tradition of finger and '.plan' files.

val primaryTopic : Iri.t

The primary topic of some page or document.

val publications : Iri.t

A link to the publications of this person.

val schoolHomepage : Iri.t

A homepage of a school attended by the person.

val sha1 : Iri.t

A sha1sum hash, in hex.

val skypeID : Iri.t

A Skype ID

val status : Iri.t

A string expressing what the user is happy for the general public (normally) to know about their current activity.

val surname : Iri.t

The surname of some person.

val theme : Iri.t

A theme.

val thumbnail : Iri.t

A derived thumbnail image.

val tipjar : Iri.t

A tipjar document for this agent, describing means for payment and reward.

val title : Iri.t

Title (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr. etc)

val topic : Iri.t

A topic of some page or document.

val topic_interest : Iri.t

A thing of interest to this person.

val weblog : Iri.t

A weblog of some thing (whether person, group, company etc.).

val workInfoHomepage : Iri.t

A work info homepage of some person; a page about their work for some organization.

val workplaceHomepage : Iri.t

A workplace homepage of some person; the homepage of an organization they work for.

val yahooChatID : Iri.t

A Yahoo chat ID

module Open : sig ... end
class from : ?sub:Term.term -> Graph.graph -> object ... end

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