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val earl_c_Assertion : Iri.t

a statement that embodies the results of a test

val earl_c_Assertor : Iri.t

an entity such as a person, a software tool, an organization, or any other grouping that carries out a test collectively

val earl_c_CannotTell : Iri.t

the class of outcomes to denote an undetermined outcome

val earl_c_Fail : Iri.t

the class of outcomes to denote failing a test

val earl_c_NotApplicable : Iri.t

the class of outcomes to denote the test is not applicable

val earl_c_NotTested : Iri.t

the class of outcomes to denote the test has not been carried out

val earl_c_OutcomeValue : Iri.t

a discrete value that describes a resulting condition from carrying out the test

val earl_c_Pass : Iri.t

the class of outcomes to denote passing a test

val earl_c_Software : Iri.t

any piece of software such as an authoring tool, browser, or evaluation tool

val earl_c_TestCase : Iri.t

an atomic test, usually one that is a partial test for a requirement

val earl_c_TestCriterion : Iri.t

a testable statement, usually one that can be passed or failed

val earl_c_TestMode : Iri.t

describes how a test was carried out

val earl_c_TestRequirement : Iri.t

a higher-level requirement that is tested by executing one or more sub-tests

val earl_c_TestResult : Iri.t

the actual result of performing the test

val earl_c_TestSubject : Iri.t

the class of things that have been tested against some test criterion

val earl_assertedBy : Iri.t

assertor of an assertion

val earl_info : Iri.t

additional warnings or error messages in a human-readable form

val earl_mainAssertor : Iri.t

assertor that is primarily responsible for performing the test

val earl_mode : Iri.t

mode in which the test was performed

val earl_outcome : Iri.t

outcome of performing the test

val earl_pointer : Iri.t

location within a test subject that are most relevant to a test result

val earl_result : Iri.t

result of an assertion

val earl_subject : Iri.t

test subject of an assertion

val earl_test : Iri.t

test criterion of an assertion


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