package rdf

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val rdf_about : Iri.t
val rdf_datatype : Iri.t
val rdf_description : Iri.t
val rdf_id : Iri.t
val rdf_li : Iri.t
val rdf_nodeID : Iri.t
val rdf_parseType : Iri.t
val rdf_RDF : Iri.t
val rdf_resource : Iri.t
val rdf_json : Iri.t
val rdf_c_Alt : Iri.t

The class of containers of alternatives.

val rdf_c_Bag : Iri.t

The class of unordered containers.

val rdf_first : Iri.t

The first item in the subject RDF list.

val rdf_dt_HTML : Iri.t

The datatype of RDF literals storing fragments of HTML content

val rdf_dt_langString : Iri.t

The datatype of language-tagged string values

val rdf_c_List : Iri.t

The class of RDF Lists.

val rdf_object : Iri.t

The object of the subject RDF statement.

val rdf_dt_PlainLiteral : Iri.t

The class of plain (i.e. untyped) literal values, as used in RIF and OWL 2

val rdf_predicate : Iri.t

The predicate of the subject RDF statement.

val rdf_c_Property : Iri.t

The class of RDF properties.

val rdf_rest : Iri.t

The rest of the subject RDF list after the first item.

val rdf_c_Seq : Iri.t

The class of ordered containers.

val rdf_c_Statement : Iri.t

The class of RDF statements.

val rdf_subject : Iri.t

The subject of the subject RDF statement.

val rdf_type : Iri.t

The subject is an instance of a class.

val rdf_value : Iri.t

Idiomatic property used for structured values.

val rdf_dt_XMLLiteral : Iri.t

The datatype of XML literal values.

val rdf_n : int -> Iri.t
val rdf_nil : Iri.t
val xsd_integer : Iri.t
val xsd_double : Iri.t
val xsd_decimal : Iri.t
val xsd_boolean : Iri.t
val xsd_string : Iri.t
val xsd_datetime : Iri.t
val xsd_hexBinary : Iri.t

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