package rdf

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Dump in graphviz format.

val apply_namespaces : (string * string) list -> string -> string * string

apply_namespaces ns iri return a pair (prefix, suffix) representing the given iri and using one of the namespaces ns, of the form (prefix, iri). If a namespace (pref, iri) exists such that iri is a prefix of iri2, then apply_namespaces ns iri2 = (prefix, rel), with rel being the suffix of iri2 relative to iri.

val build_namespaces : ?namespaces:(Iri.t * string) list -> Graph.graph -> (string * string) list

build_namespaces graph returns the list namespaces of the graph, as a list of pairs (prefix, iri) usable by apply_namespaces.

  • parameter namespaces

    is used to specify additional namespaces.

val dot_of_graph : ?namespaces:(Iri.t * string) list -> ?href:(Term.term -> string option) -> Graph.graph -> string

dot_of_graph graph returns the Graphviz code to represent the given graph.

  • parameter namespaces

    is used so specified namespaces in the form (iri, name); in this case, the abbreviated form ns:suffix is used in labels of IRI nodes, when possible. The namespaces of the graph are also used anyway.

  • parameter href

    can specify a function to call on each node, which can return an url (as a string), to add a href attribute to the node in the graphviz code. This is useful to provide clickable nodes in SVG output, for example.

val dot_of_iri : ?namespaces:(Iri.t * string) list -> ?href:(Term.term -> string option) -> Graph.graph -> Iri.t -> string

Same as dot_of_graph but return code to represent only the triples having the given IRI as subject or object.


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