package ocaml-protoc

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val pop_last : 'a list -> 'a list

pop_last l removes the last element from the list

val apply_until : ('a -> 'b option) -> 'a list -> 'b option

apply_until f l applies f ei until it returns Some x

If the end of the list is reached without f returning Some _ then None is returned.

val filter_map : ('a -> 'b option) -> 'a list -> 'b list

filter_map f l returns the list of element x for which f returned Some x. The length of the returned list will be less or equal than the length of the input list l.

val find_opt : ('a -> bool) -> 'a list -> 'a option
val find_map : ('a -> 'b option) -> 'a list -> 'b option

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