package ocaml-protoc

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module Pb_codegen_all : sig ... end

Generate all the code for a given OCaml module.

module Pb_codegen_backend : sig ... end

Compile protobuf typed tree to the OCaml AST.

module Pb_codegen_decode_binary : sig ... end

Code generator for the decode function

module Pb_codegen_decode_bs : sig ... end
module Pb_codegen_decode_yojson : sig ... end

Code generator for the decode JSON function

module Pb_codegen_default : sig ... end

Code generator for the default functions (i.e builders)

module Pb_codegen_encode_binary : sig ... end

Code generator for the encode function

module Pb_codegen_encode_bs : sig ... end
module Pb_codegen_encode_yojson : sig ... end

Code generator for the encode JSON function

module Pb_codegen_formatting : sig ... end

Formatting utilities for code generation

module Pb_codegen_make : sig ... end

Code generator for the make functions (i.e builders, but stricter than default)

module Pb_codegen_ocaml_type : sig ... end

OCaml type representation

module Pb_codegen_plugin : sig ... end

Plugin architecture.

module Pb_codegen_pp : sig ... end

Code generator for the pp function

module Pb_codegen_services : sig ... end
module Pb_codegen_types : sig ... end

Code generator for the OCaml types

module Pb_codegen_util : sig ... end

Common utility functions for OCaml code generation

module Pb_exception : sig ... end

Compiler exception

module Pb_field_type : sig ... end

Protobuffer Field type

module Pb_format_util : sig ... end
module Pb_location : sig ... end

File location utilities

module Pb_logger : sig ... end

Logging functionality allow printing debugging information

module Pb_option : sig ... end

Protobuf File/Message/Field options

module Pb_parsing : sig ... end

Parsing compilation step

module Pb_parsing_lexer : sig ... end
module Pb_parsing_parse_tree : sig ... end

Protobuf parse tree

module Pb_parsing_parser : sig ... end
module Pb_parsing_util : sig ... end

Parse tree utilities

module Pb_typing : sig ... end

Typing compilation step

module Pb_typing_graph : sig ... end

Graph algorithms to support the recursion analysis

module Pb_typing_recursion : sig ... end

Mutually recursive type resolution

module Pb_typing_resolution : sig ... end

Type resolution.

module Pb_typing_type_tree : sig ... end
module Pb_typing_util : sig ... end

Typed tree utilities

module Pb_typing_validation : sig ... end

Typed tree construction and validation

module Pb_util : sig ... end

Standard library missing functions


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