package ocaml-protoc

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Formatting utilities for code generation


type scope

A scope is a formatting container which can contains line of text as well as other nested scopes

In other word a scope define an indentation section.


val empty_scope : unit -> scope

empty_scope () returns a brand new scope

val line : scope -> string -> unit

line scope s adds s to scope

val linep : scope -> ('a, unit, string, unit) Stdlib.format4 -> 'a
val empty_line : scope -> unit

empty_line scope adds an empty line to scope

val sub_scope : scope -> (scope -> unit) -> unit

sub_scope scope f adds a sub scope and apply f to it.


val to_string : scope -> string

print scope returns the formatted scops with a 2 character indentation for each scope.

val output : Stdlib.out_channel -> scope -> unit

Write to output


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