package ocaml-protoc

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Typed tree utilities

This module provides accessor/creator function to facilitate the manipulation of the type tree.

Accessors for Tt.field type

val field_name : ('a, 'b) Tt.field -> string

field_name field returns the name field

val field_number : ('a, 'b) Tt.field -> int

field_number field returns the number of field

val field_type : ('a, 'b) Tt.field -> 'a Pb_field_type.t

field_type field returns the type of field

val field_label : ('a, 'b) Tt.field -> 'b

field_label field returns the label of field

val field_default : ('a, 'b) Tt.field -> Pb_option.constant option

field_default field returns the default value of field

val field_options : ('a, 'b) Tt.field -> Pb_option.set
val field_option : ('a, 'b) Tt.field -> string -> Pb_option.value option

field_option field option_name returns the constant associated with option_name. If the fields options does not contain option_name None is returned.

val type_of_id : 'a Tt.proto_type list -> int -> 'a Tt.proto_type

type_of_id all_types id returns the type associated with the given id, raise Not_found if the type is not in the all_types.

val string_of_message : int -> Tt.type_scope -> 'a Tt.message -> string
val message_option : 'a Tt.message -> string -> Pb_option.value option
val enum_option : Tt.enum -> string -> Pb_option.value option

Accessor for Tt.type

val type_name_of_type : 'a Tt.proto_type -> string

type_name_of_type t returns the type name (as defined in the message file) of t.

val type_scope_of_type : 'a Tt.proto_type -> Tt.type_scope

type_scope_of_type t returns the scope of type t.

val is_empty_message : 'a Tt.proto_type -> bool

is_empty_message t returns true if t is a message type and has no fields defined.


val empty_scope : Tt.type_scope

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