package ocaml-protoc

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Graph algorithms to support the recursion analysis


type id = int

Identifier of a node in the graph

type node

Node in a graph, each node is identified using a unique int id

type graph



val create_node : id -> id list -> node

create_node id sub create a node uniquely identified with id and connections to other nodes in sub.

The client application is responsible to ensure that the graph is consistent, by adding all nodes identified in sub to the same graph later.

val empty_graph : graph

empty_graph () create a new empty graph.

val add_node : node -> graph -> graph

add_node node graph add node to graph


val tarjan : graph -> id list list

tarjan graph compute the ordered list of strongly connected components of a graph.

The returned list is order in decreasing order of dependencies. This means the last component of the list does not link to any other components.


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