package logtk

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Call external provers with TSTP (Old)

This module is intended to provide a uniform interface to invoke some classic first-order provers (E, SPASS, …) on a problem specified as a TPTP Ast.

The point is that this AST might be generated programmatically, or manipulated from an existing TSTP proof (for checking purpose), rather than being handled as text.

type 'a or_error = ('a, string) CCResult.t
type untyped = Logtk.STerm.t
module A = Ast_tptp

Description of provers

module Prover : sig ... end
val name : Prover.t -> string

Name of the prover

Run provers

type result =
  1. | Unsat
  2. | Sat
  3. | Unknown
  4. | Error of string
val call : ?timeout:int -> ?args:string list -> prover:Prover.t -> untyped A.t list -> result or_error

Call the prover (if present) on the given problem, and return a result. Default timeout is 30.

val call_proof : ?timeout:int -> ?args:string list -> prover:Prover.t -> untyped A.t list -> (result * Trace_tstp.t) or_error

Call the prover, and also tries to parse a TSTP derivation, if the prover succeeded

val call_with_out : ?timeout:int -> ?args:string list -> prover:Prover.t -> untyped A.t list -> (result * string) or_error

Same as call, but also returns the raw output of the prover

E-prover specific functions

module Eprover : sig ... end