package logtk

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Module type
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Compute Precedence

This module computes precedences that satisfy a list of constraints. See Precedence.Constr for more details on constraints.

type t
val empty : t
val add_constr : int -> [ `partial ] Precedence.Constr.t -> t -> t

Add a precedence constraint with its priority. The lower the priority, the stronger influence the constraint will have.

val add_constrs : (int * [ `partial ] Precedence.Constr.t) list -> t -> t
type 'a parametrized = Statement.clause_t Iter.t -> 'a

Some values are parametrized by the list of statements

val add_constr_rule : int -> [ `partial ] Precedence.Constr.t parametrized -> t -> t

Add a precedence constraint rule

val set_weight_rule : Precedence.weight_fun parametrized -> t -> t

Choose the way weights are computed

val add_status : (ID.t * Precedence.symbol_status) list -> t -> t

Specify explicitly the status of some symbols

val mk_precedence : db_w:int -> lmb_w:int -> t -> Statement.clause_t Iter.t -> Precedence.t

Parameters db_w and lmb_w correspond to the weight de-Bruijn and lambda abstraction given for computation of KBO.

Make a precedence