package logtk

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Module type
Class type
type 'a t

Cache for 'a arrays

val create : ?buck_size:int -> int -> 'a t

create n makes a new cache of arrays up to length n

  • parameter buck_size

    number of arrays cached for each array length

  • parameter n

    maximum size of arrays put in cache

val make : 'a t -> int -> 'a -> 'a array

make cache i x is like Array.make i x, but might return a cached array instead of allocating one. NOTE: if the array is already allocated then it will NOT be filled with x

val free : 'a t -> 'a array -> unit

Return array to the cache. The array's elements will not be GC'd

val with_ : 'a t -> int -> 'a -> f:('a array -> 'b) -> 'b

Combines make and free