package logtk

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Module type
Class type

Build a union-find module from a key/value specification


module P : PAIR


type key = P.key

Elements that can be compared

type value = P.value

Values associated with elements

type t

The union-find imperative structure itself

val create : key list -> t

Create a union-find for the given elements. Elements are mapped to zero by default.

val mem : t -> key -> bool

Does the key belong to the UF?

val find : t -> key -> key

Finds the representative of this key's equivalence class.

  • raises Not_found

    if the key does not belong to the UF

val find_value : t -> key -> value

Find value for the given element. The value is the monoid merge of all values associated to key's equivalence class.

  • raises Not_found

    if mem uf key is false.

val union : t -> key -> key -> unit

Merge two elements (and their equivalence classes)

val add : t -> key -> value -> unit

Add the given value to the key's class (monoid). It modifies the value by merging it with value. If the key does not belong to the union-find, it is added.

val iter : t -> (key -> value -> unit) -> unit

Iterate on representative and their value

val to_seq : t -> (key * value) Iter.t