package logtk

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  1. Lambda-Calculus
Module type
Class type


type term = Term.t
val whnf : term -> term

Beta-reduce the term into its weak head normal form

val beta_red_head : term -> term
val whnf_list : term -> term list -> term

Apply a lambda to a list of arguments. The type of the lambda must be a generalization of a function that takes the list's types as arguments.

  • raises Type.ApplyError

    if the first term doesn't have a function type or if the types are not compatible

val snf : term -> term

Strong normal form, computing under lambdas and subterms

val eta_expand : term -> term

Traverse the term, eta-expanding all sub-terms. A term t : a -> b becomes fun (x:a). t x

val eta_reduce : ?full:bool -> term -> term

Traverse the term, eta-reducing all sub-terms. A term fun x. t x where x ∉ vars(t) becomes t. If full is false, it eta-reduces only at the top level (default: true)

val is_lambda_pattern : term -> bool
val is_properly_encoded : term -> bool
module Inner : sig ... end

Low level interface