package ocaml-protoc-plugin

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module FileDescriptorSet : sig ... end

The protocol compiler can output a FileDescriptorSet containing the .proto files it parses.

module FileDescriptorProto : sig ... end

Describes a complete .proto file.

module DescriptorProto : sig ... end

Describes a message type.

module ExtensionRangeOptions : sig ... end
module FieldDescriptorProto : sig ... end

Describes a field within a message.

module OneofDescriptorProto : sig ... end

Describes a oneof.

module EnumDescriptorProto : sig ... end

Describes an enum type.

module EnumValueDescriptorProto : sig ... end

Describes a value within an enum.

module ServiceDescriptorProto : sig ... end

Describes a service.

module MethodDescriptorProto : sig ... end

Describes a method of a service.

module FileOptions : sig ... end
module MessageOptions : sig ... end
module FieldOptions : sig ... end
module OneofOptions : sig ... end
module EnumOptions : sig ... end
module EnumValueOptions : sig ... end
module ServiceOptions : sig ... end
module MethodOptions : sig ... end
module UninterpretedOption : sig ... end

A message representing a option the parser does not recognize. This only appears in options protos created by the compiler::Parser class. DescriptorPool resolves these when building Descriptor objects. Therefore, options protos in descriptor objects (e.g. returned by Descriptor::options(), or produced by Descriptor::CopyTo()) will never have UninterpretedOptions in them.

module SourceCodeInfo : sig ... end

Encapsulates information about the original source file from which a FileDescriptorProto was generated.

module GeneratedCodeInfo : sig ... end

Describes the relationship between generated code and its original source file. A GeneratedCodeInfo message is associated with only one generated source file, but may contain references to different source .proto files.


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