package ocaml-protoc-plugin

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A protocol buffer option, which can be attached to a message, field, enumeration, etc.

type t = {
  1. name : string;

    The option's name. For protobuf built-in options (options defined in descriptor.proto), this is the short name. For example, `"map_entry"`. For custom options, it should be the fully-qualified name. For example, `"google.api.http"`.

  2. value : Any.Google.Protobuf.Any.t option;

    The option's value packed in an Any message. If the value is a primitive, the corresponding wrapper type defined in google/protobuf/wrappers.proto should be used. If the value is an enum, it should be stored as an int32 value using the google.protobuf.Int32Value type.

val make : ?name:string -> ?value:Any.Google.Protobuf.Any.t -> unit -> t

Helper function to generate a message using default values

Serialize the message to binary format

Deserialize from binary format

Serialize to Json (compatible with Yojson.Basic.t)

Deserialize from Json (compatible with Yojson.Basic.t)

val name : unit -> string

Fully qualified protobuf name of this message


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