package ocaml-protoc-plugin

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type t = {
  1. deprecated : bool;

    Is this enum value deprecated? Depending on the target platform, this can emit Deprecated annotations for the enum value, or it will be completely ignored; in the very least, this is a formalization for deprecating enum values.

  2. uninterpreted_option : UninterpretedOption.t list;

    The parser stores options it doesn't recognize here. See above.

  3. extensions' : Ocaml_protoc_plugin.Extensions.t;
val make : ?deprecated:bool -> ?uninterpreted_option:UninterpretedOption.t list -> ?extensions':Ocaml_protoc_plugin.Extensions.t -> unit -> t

Helper function to generate a message using default values

Serialize the message to binary format

Deserialize from binary format

Serialize to Json (compatible with Yojson.Basic.t)

Deserialize from Json (compatible with Yojson.Basic.t)

val name : unit -> string

Fully qualified protobuf name of this message


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