package ocaml-protoc-plugin

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module IdempotencyLevel : sig ... end

Is this method side-effect-free (or safe in HTTP parlance), or idempotent, or neither? HTTP based RPC implementation may choose GET verb for safe methods, and PUT verb for idempotent methods instead of the default POST.

type t = {
  1. deprecated : bool;

    Is this method deprecated? Depending on the target platform, this can emit Deprecated annotations for the method, or it will be completely ignored; in the very least, this is a formalization for deprecating methods.

  2. idempotency_level : IdempotencyLevel.t;
  3. uninterpreted_option : UninterpretedOption.t list;

    The parser stores options it doesn't recognize here. See above.

  4. extensions' : Ocaml_protoc_plugin.Extensions.t;
val make : ?deprecated:bool -> ?idempotency_level:IdempotencyLevel.t -> ?uninterpreted_option:UninterpretedOption.t list -> ?extensions':Ocaml_protoc_plugin.Extensions.t -> unit -> t

Helper function to generate a message using default values

Serialize the message to binary format

Deserialize from binary format

Serialize to Json (compatible with Yojson.Basic.t)

Deserialize from Json (compatible with Yojson.Basic.t)

val name : unit -> string

Fully qualified protobuf name of this message


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