package irmin

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Module type
Class type

Private functions, which might be used by the backends.

include Private.S with type Contents.value = contents and module Hash = Hash and module Node.Path = Key and type Node.Metadata.t = metadata and type Branch.key = branch and type Slice.t = slice and type Repo.t = repo with type Sync.endpoint = unit
module Hash = Hash

Internal hashes.

module Contents : Contents.STORE with type key = Hash.t with type value = contents

Private content store.

module Node : sig ... end

Private node store.

module Commit : sig ... end

Private commit store.

module Branch : Branch.STORE with type value = Hash.t with type key = branch

Private branch store.

module Slice : sig ... end

Private slices.

module Repo : sig ... end

Private repositories.

module Sync : sig ... end

URI-based low-level sync.


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