package irmin

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Module type
Class type

The signature for watch helpers.

Watch Helpers

type key

The type for store keys.

type value

The type for store values.

type watch

The type for watch handlers.

type t

The type for watch state.

val stats : t -> int * int

stats t is a tuple (k,a) represeting watch stats. k is the number of single key watchers for the store t and a the number of global watchers for t.

val notify : t -> key -> value option -> unit Lwt.t

Notify all listeners in the given watch state that a key has changed, with the new value associated to this key. None means the key has been removed.

val v : unit -> t

Create a watch state.

val clear : t -> unit Lwt.t

Clear all register listeners in the given watch state.

val watch_key : t -> key -> ?init:value -> (value Diff.t -> unit Lwt.t) -> watch Lwt.t

Watch a given key for changes. More efficient than watch.

val watch : t -> ?init:(key * value) list -> (key -> value Diff.t -> unit Lwt.t) -> watch Lwt.t

Add a watch handler. To watch a specific key, use watch_key which is more efficient.

val unwatch : t -> watch -> unit Lwt.t

Remove a watch handler.

val listen_dir : t -> string -> key:(string -> key option) -> value:(key -> value option Lwt.t) -> (unit -> unit Lwt.t) Lwt.t

Register a thread looking for changes in the given directory and return a function to stop watching and free up resources.


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