package irmin

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SYNC provides functions to synchronize an Irmin store with local and remote Irmin stores.

Native Synchronization

type db

Type type for store handles.

type commit

The type for store heads.

type status = [
  1. | `Empty
  2. | `Head of commit

The type for remote status.

val status_t : db -> status Type.t

status_t db is the value type for status of remote db.

val pp_status : status Fmt.t

pp_status pretty-prints return statuses.

val fetch : db -> ?depth:int -> Irmin__.S.remote -> (status, [ `Msg of string ]) Stdlib.result Lwt.t

fetch t ?depth r populate the local store t with objects for the remote store r, using t's current branch. The depth parameter limits the history depth. Return `Empty if either the local or remote store do not have a valid head.

val fetch_exn : db -> ?depth:int -> Irmin__.S.remote -> status Lwt.t

Same as fetch but raise Invalid_argument if either the local or remote store do not have a valid head.

type pull_error = [
  1. | `Msg of string
  2. | Merge.conflict

The type for pull errors.

val pp_pull_error : pull_error Fmt.t

pp_push_error pretty-prints pull errors.

val pull : db -> ?depth:int -> Irmin__.S.remote -> [ `Merge of Info.f | `Set ] -> (status, pull_error) Stdlib.result Lwt.t

pull t ?depth r s is similar to fetch but it also updates t's current branch. s is the update strategy:

  • `Merge uses Head.merge. Can return a conflict.
  • `Set uses S.Head.set.
val pull_exn : db -> ?depth:int -> Irmin__.S.remote -> [ `Merge of Info.f | `Set ] -> status Lwt.t

Same as pull but raise Invalid_arg in case of conflict.

type push_error = [
  1. | `Msg of string
  2. | `Detached_head

The type for push errors.

val pp_push_error : push_error Fmt.t

pp_push_error pretty-prints push errors.

val push : db -> ?depth:int -> Irmin__.S.remote -> (status, push_error) Stdlib.result Lwt.t

push t ?depth r populates the remote store r with objects from the current store t, using t's current branch. If b is t's current branch, push also updates the head of b in r to be the same as in t.

Note: Git semantics is to update b only if the new head if more recent. This is not the case in Irmin.

val push_exn : db -> ?depth:int -> Irmin__.S.remote -> status Lwt.t

Same as push but raise Invalid_argument if an error happens.


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