package ppxlib

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Module type
Class type
type t

Type for the location independent parts of the expansion context

val code_path : t -> Code_path.t

Return the code path for the given context In Driver, Deriving and Extension, the context is initialized so that the file_path component of the code_path is determined from the first location found in the input AST. That means that:

  • It's the empty string in empty structures or signatures
  • It can be altered by line directives
val input_name : t -> string

Return the input name for the given context. In Driver, Deriving and Extension, the context argument is initialized so that the input_name matches the input filename passed to the driver on the command line. That means that:

  • It has a value even for empty files
  • It is not affected by line directives
  • It is "_none_" when using Driver.map_structure or Driver.map_signature
val tool_name : t -> string

Can be used within a ppx preprocessor to know which tool is calling it "ocamlc", "ocamlopt", "ocamldep", "ocaml", ... .


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