package ppxlib

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Module type
Class type
type ('output_ast, 'input_ast) t
val make : ?attributes:Attribute.packed list -> ?deps:t list -> ?unused_code_warnings:bool -> ('f, 'output_ast) Args.t -> (loc:Location.t -> path:string -> 'input_ast -> 'f) -> ('output_ast, 'input_ast) t

make args gen creates a generator that can be passed to Deriving.add to generate an output AST from an input AST and generator arguments.

deps is a list of derivers that this generator depends on.

attributes is deprecated and unused. It is only kept for backward compatibility.

unused_code_warning controls whether unused code warnings (e.g. warnings 32 and 60) are enabled or suppressed in emitted code. Default is false, which suppresses the warnings.

val make_noarg : ?attributes:Attribute.packed list -> ?deps:t list -> ?unused_code_warnings:bool -> (loc:Location.t -> path:string -> 'input_ast -> 'output_ast) -> ('output_ast, 'input_ast) t

Same as make, but without arguments.

module V2 : sig ... end
val apply : ('output_ast, 'input_ast) t -> name:string -> ctxt:Expansion_context.Deriver.t -> 'input_ast -> (string * Astlib.Ast_500.Parsetree.expression) list -> 'output_ast

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