package ppxlib

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This module contains type and functions for representing and manipulating path to AST nodes.

type t

Type for path to AST nodes

val file_path : t -> string

Return the path to the .ml or .mli file for this code path.

val main_module_name : t -> string

Return the module name corresponding to the file to which this code path leads to.

val submodule_path : t -> string list

Return the path within the main module this code path represents as a list of module names.

val enclosing_module : t -> string

Return the nearest enclosing module name. Does descend into expressions.

val value : t -> string option

Return the name of the value to which this code path leads or None if it leads to the toplevel of a module or submodule.

val enclosing_value : t -> string option

Like value, returns the name of an enclosing value definition. Unlike value, includes names inside expressions, not just names that the code path can reach from the toplevel module.

val fully_qualified_path : t -> string

Return the fully qualified path to the module or value this code path leads to, eg "Some_main_module.Some_submodule.some_value". Note that the fully qualified path doesn't descend into expressions which means it will always stop at the first value description or value binding.

val to_string_path : t -> string

Return the string version of this code path as built by Ast_traverse.map_with_path. Used for compatibility with path from version 0.5.0 and lower.


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