Pure OCaml library to read/write VHD format data
Module Vhd_format . Patterns
val sizes : int64 list

Interesting vhd virtual sizes

type choice =
| First(*

edge case: first entry

| Last(*

edge case: last entry


Places within an array (either a sector bitmap or BAT)

type position = {
block : choice;
sector : choice;

Position to read or write in a vhd

type operation =
| Create of int64(*

Create a vhd of a given size; open file for I/O

| Snapshot(*

Snapshot current file; open new file for I/O

| Write of position * string(*

Write copies of a given string over a specific sector


Individual step

type program = operation list

A program is a linear sequence of operations, like a finite execution trace.

val string_of_program : program -> string

A short string useful as a test label

val descr_of_program : program -> string list

Printable program "listing"

val programs : program list

All definied "interesting" programs