Pure OCaml library to read/write VHD format data
Module Vhd_format . F . Vhd
type 'a t = {
filename : string;
rw : bool;
handle : 'a;
header : Header.t;
footer : Footer.t;
parent : 'a t option;
bat : BAT.t;
batmap : (Batmap_header.t * Batmap.t) option;
bitmap_cache : Bitmap_cache.t;
val resize : 'a t -> int64 -> 'a t

resize t new_size changes the current virtual size of t to new_size. Note that new_size must be less than or equal to the original size of the vhd -- otherwise there wouldn't be enough room for the on-disk structures.

val check_overlapping_blocks : 'a t -> unit
module Field : sig ... end