Traversable containers, monad extensions, and more
include Generic_types.Bi_right
type 'r t

Partially fixed type of containers.

type left

Fixed type of left elements.

include Basic_generic_on_applicative with type ('l, 'r) t := 'r t and type 'l left := left and type 'r right := 'r
include Generic_types.Bi_generic with type ('l, 'r) t := 'r t with type 'l left := left with type 'r right := 'r

M is the applicative functor over which we're bi-traversing.

val bi_map_m : 'r1 t -> left:( left -> left M.t ) -> right:( 'r1 -> 'r2 M.t ) -> 'r2 t M.t

bi_map_m c ~left ~right traverses with left over every 'l1 left, and right over every 'r1 right, in c.