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A package manager for SATySFi


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Satyrographos is a package manager for SATySFi.

Satyrographos is distributed under the LGPL-3.0 license.

Published: 09 Mar 2021



日本語版 README はこちら

A package manager for SATySFi. Here is the package list: satyrographos-packages (thanks to @matsud224).

WARNING: Some command line interfaces are EXPERIMENTAL and subject to change and removal at any time without prior notice.

It composes files under directories ~/.opam/<ocaml-version>/share/satysfi/<package> installed by OPAM and copies them into directory ~/.satysfi/dist. It also sets up environments so that SATySFi can use system fonts. See Section Install System Fonts below.

Satyrographos simplifies installation of SATySFi.

sh <(curl -sL

# You might have to disable sandboxing. See
opam init
eval $(opam env)
opam repository add satysfi-external
opam repository add satyrographos
opam update

opam depext satysfi satysfi-dist satyrographos
opam install satysfi satysfi-dist satyrographos

satyrographos install

To use the latest version of Satyrographos, pin the repository like this:

opam pin add

For Document Authors

As Satyrographos uses OPAM as an underlining package manager, you need to install libraries you want into OPAM first. Once they are installed in OPAM registry, satyrographos install will set up so that all the installed packages are available for SATySFi. A SATySFi library may be available with the name prefixed with satysfi- in OPAM repository to distinguish from other OCaml packages.

For example, if you want to use fonts distributed as SATySFi-Fonts-Theano, run the following commands.

opam install satysfi-fonts-theano
satyrographos install

Now you can use the fonts in the library.

You can also set up with specified libraries with --package <package> (or -l <package>) option rather than all the available ones. Be noticed that --package option is followed by a package names without satysfi- prefix.

opam install satysfi-fonts-theano
satyrographos install --package fonts-theano

Install System Fonts

This feature is still experimental and its interface and/or behaviour may be changed later.

If your machine is using Fontconfig, i.e., using Mac or Linux Desktop Environment, Satyrographos can set up SATySFi to utilise your existing system fonts.

Satyrographos offers the --system-font-prefix <system-font-name-prefix> option of gathering system fonts to enable them for use with names prefixed with <system-font-name-prefix> with SATySFi.

For example, the following command installs system fonts with the prefix system:.

$ satyrographos install --system-font-prefix 'system:'

Then you can use the system fonts, for example, Arial as system:Arial. (Technically, a font will have a SATySFi name which consists of the given prefix and the font's PostScript name. This behavior may be changed in the near future.)

@require: stdjabook

let-inline ctx \set-non-cjk-font name it =
  let ctx =
    ctx |> set-font Latin (name, 1., 0.)
        |> set-font OtherScript (name, 1., 0.)
  read-inline ctx it

let-inline ctx \set-cjk-font name it =
  let ctx =
    ctx |> set-font HanIdeographic (name, 1., 0.)
        |> set-font Kana (name, 1., 0.)
  read-inline ctx it

document (|
  title = {System Fonts};
  author = {\@na4zagin3};
  show-title = true;
  show-toc = false;
|) '<
  +p {
  +p {

For Library Authors

Create a new library

Satyrographos provides new subcommand to create a new library from a template.

$ satyrographos new lib your-new-library
Name: your-new-library
Choose licenses:
0) MIT
1) LGPL-3.0-or-later
> 0
License: MIT
Created a new library/document.

$ ls

Satyrographos also has templates other than lib. To get the list of the templates, add --help option.

$ satyrographos new --help


Available templates:
  doc-make@en : Document with Makefile (en)
  doc-make@ja : Document with Makefile (ja)
  doc-omake@en : Document with OMakefile (en)
  doc-omake@ja : Document with OMakefile (ja)
  lib : Package library


Library Names

Please follow the following formats.

Type Library Name OPAM Package Name
Class library class-* satysfi-class-*
Font library fonts-* satysfi-fonts-*
Etc. * satysfi-*


  • class-stjarticle satysfi-class-stjarticle.opam

  • fonts-theano satysfi-fonts-theano.opam

  • zrbase satysfi-zrbase.opam

Register Libraries

You can add a new library for SATySFi as an OPAM library. (OPAM-independent managing is under development.)

Here are examples.

  • SATySFi-fonts-theano:

  • SATySFi-grcnum:

In this section, we are going to register a new library great-package like this.

- great-package/
  - doc/
    - great-package.saty           :: Library document
  - fonts/
    - interesting-font.ttf         :: Font file to install
  - hash/
    - fonts.satysfi-hash           :: Hash file to install
  - packages/
    - great-package.satyh          :: Package file to install
  - Satyristes                     :: Satyrograpos build file
  - satysfi-great-package.opam     :: OPAM package description of the library
  - satysfi-great-package-doc.opam :: OPAM package description of the library doc

Those files will be installed as the following hierarchy.

  - docs/
    - great-package/
      - great-package.pdf
  - fonts/
    - great-package/
      - interesting-font.ttf
  - hash/
    - fonts.satysfi-hash
  - packages/
    - great-package/
      - great-package.satyh
Satyristes: Build file

Create Satyristes file with the following content.

;; For Satyrographos 0.0.2 series
(version 0.0.2)

;; Library declaration
  ;; Library name
  (name "great-package")
  ;; Library version
  (version "1.0")
  ;; Files
    ((fontDir "fonts")
     (hash "fonts.satysfi-hash" "hash/fonts.satysfi-hash")
     (packageDir "packages")))
  ;; OPAM package file
  (opam "satysfi-great-package.opam")
  ;; Dependency
  (dependencies ((fonts-theano ()))))

;; Library doc declaration
  ;; Library doc name
  (name "great-package-doc")
  ;; Library version
  (version "1.0")
  ;; Working directory to build docs
  (workingDirectory "doc")
  ;; Build commands
    ;; Run SATySFi
    ((satysfi "great-package.saty" "-o" "great-package.pdf")))
  ;; Files
    ((doc "great-package.pdf" "doc/great-package.pdf")))
  ;; OPAM package file
  (opam "satysfi-great-package-doc.opam")
  ;; Dependency
  (dependencies ((great-package ()))))
OPAM Package Files

You need OPAM package files for now.

# satysfi-great-library.opam
opam-version: "2.0"
name: "satysfi-great-library"
version: "1.0"
synopsis: "A Great SATySFi Package"
description: """
Brilliant description comes here.
maintainer: "Your name <>"
authors: "Your name <>"
license: "LGPL-3.0-or-later" # Choose what you want
homepage: "<product home page>"
bug-reports: "<product issue tracker>"
dev-repo: "<repo url>"
depends: [
  "satysfi" {>= "0.0.5" & < "0.0.6"}
  "satyrographos" {>= "" & < "0.0.3"}

  # If your library depends on other libraries, please write down here
  "satysfi-fonts-theano" {>= "2.0+satysfi0.0.3+satyrograhos0.0.2"}
build: [ ]
install: [
  ["satyrographos" "opam" "install"
   "--name" "great-package"
   "--prefix" "%{prefix}%"
   "--script" "%{build}%/Satyristes"]
# satysfi-great-library-doc.opam
opam-version: "2.0"
name: "satysfi-great-library-doc"
version: "1.0"
synopsis: "Document of A Great SATySFi Package"
description: """
Brilliant description comes here.
maintainer: "Your name <>"
authors: "Your name <>"
license: "LGPL-3.0-or-later" # Choose what you want
homepage: "<product home page>"
bug-reports: "<product issue tracker>"
dev-repo: "<repo url>"
depends: [
  "satysfi" {>= "0.0.5" & < "0.0.6"}
  "satyrographos" {>= "" & < "0.0.3"}

  # You may want to include the corresponding library
  "satysfi-great-library" {= "%{version}%"}
build: [
  ["satyrographos" "opam" "build"
   "--name" "great-package-doc"
   "--prefix" "%{prefix}%"
   "--script" "%{build}%/Satyristes"]
install: [
  ["satyrographos" "opam" "install"
   "--name" "great-package-doc"
   "--prefix" "%{prefix}%"
   "--script" "%{build}%/Satyristes"]
Development / Testing

I assume your document files contain many use cases. You can install the package and build the document with the following command.

$ opam add  --verbose --yes "file://$PWD"


$ opam add -vy "file://$PWD"

There’s ongoing ticket #4 to run test cases without OPAM installation. Stay tuned!

You can use lint subcommand to detect several problems. See satyrographos-lint for more details.

$ satyrographos lint
Register Satyrograpohs Repo

opam-publish must work. Follow except you need to specify --repo option.

# Check validity
$ satyrographos lint

# Tag you repository
git tag -a <tag>
# Push the tag
git push origin <tag>

opam publish --repo=na4zagin3/satyrographos-repo

Satyristes file syntax

Satyristes file is a sequence of S-Expressions. A Satyristes can contain the following descriptions.

  • (version "0.0.2") :: Shows the file is for Satyrographos 0.0.2 series

  • (library ...) :: Definition of a library module

  • (libraryDoc ...) :: Definition of a library doc module

(library ...) module

  • (name "<library-name>") :: Library name.

  • (version "<package-version>") :: Library version.

  • (sources (<source-declaration> ...)) :: Sources.

    • (font "<dst>" "<src>") :: Copies <src> into dist/fonts/<library-name>/<dst>.

    • (fontDir "<src>") :: Recursively copies files under <src> into dist/fonts/<library-name>/.

    • (hash "<dst>" "<src>") :: Copies <src> into dist/hash/<dst>.

    • (md "<dst>" "<src>") :: Copies <src> into dist/md/<library-name>/<dst>.

    • (package "<dst>" "<src>") :: Copies <src> into dist/packages/<library-name>/<dst>.

    • (packageDir "<src>") :: Recursively copies files under <src> into dist/packages/<library-name>.

    • (file "<dst>" "<src>") :: Copies <src> into dist/<dst>.

  • (opam "<opam-package-file>") :: OPAM package file.

  • (dependencies (<dependency> ...)) :: Dependencies.

    • (<dependent-library-name> ()) :: Dependency on library <dependent-library-name>. () is for future extension.

  • (compatibility (<compatibility-item>)) :: Compatibility warning.

    • (satyrographos "0.0.1") :: Warn directory schema change since Satyrographos 0.0.1

    • (renamePackage "<new-name>" "<old-name>") :: Warn package renaming

    • (renameFont "<new-name>" "<old-name>") :: Warn font renaming

(libraryDoc ...) module

  • (name "<library-name>") :: Library name

  • (version "<package-version>") :: Library version

  • (workingDirectory "<working-dir>") :: Working directory to build documents

  • (build (<build-command> ...)) :: Build commands for documents

    • (satysfi <args> ...) :: Run SATySFi

    • (make <args> ...) :: Run make with setting a runtime directory to SATYSFI_RUNTIME

  • (sources (<source-declaration> ...)) :: Sources

    • (doc "<dst>" "<src>") :: Copies <src> into dist/docs/<library-name>/<dst>

  • (opam "<opam-package-file>") :: OPAM package file

  • (dependencies (<dependency> ...)) :: Dependencies

    • (<library-name> ()) :: Dependency on library <library-name>. () is for future extension.

  • (compatibility (<compatibility-item>)) :: Compatibility warning

Supported Versions

Satyrographos SATySFi
v0.0.2.9 to latest v0.0.6 series
v0.0.2.5 to latest v0.0.5 series
v0.0.2.1 to v0.0.2.4 v0.0.4 series and older (Library build requires satysfi.0.0.3+dev2019.02.27 or newer)
v0.0.1 series v0.0.3 series and older

Dependencies (18)

  1. shexp
  2. ppx_jane
  3. core >= "v0.14"
  4. yojson
  5. yaml >= "2.0" & < "3.0"
  6. uri-sexp >= "3.0.0"
  7. uri >= "3.0.0"
  8. re >= "1.9.0"
  9. opam-state >= "2.0" & < "2.1"
  10. opam-format >= "2.0" & < "2.1"
  11. ocamlgraph
  12. ppx_deriving_yojson
  13. ppx_deriving
  14. menhir >= "20180538"
  15. json-derivers
  16. fileutils
  17. dune >= "2.7"
  18. ocaml >= "4.09.0"

Dev Dependencies (2)

  1. stringext with-test
  2. conf-diffutils with-test

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Conflicts (1)

  1. yojson >= "2.0.0"

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