Drive Lego Mindstorms bricks from OCaml (LWT version)
Module Mindstorm_lwt . NXT . USB
type device

Handle to a USB mindstorm device.

val bricks : unit -> device list Lwt.t

bricks() returns the list of LEGO NXT bricks on the USB bus.

  • raises Failure

    in case of problems.

val connect : ?check_status:bool -> device -> usb conn Lwt.t

connect dev connect through USB to the brick device dev (given by Mindstorm_lwt.NXT.USB.bricks). See the section "connectUSB" for more information.

  • parameter check_status

    set the default value for the check_status optional argument. For more information, see Mindstorm_lwt.NXT.connect_bluetooth.

  • raises Failure

    in case of a connection problem.