Core types and algorithms for logic
Module type
Class type
Library logtk
Module Logtk . ParseLocation

Location in a file

A location is a range of characters in file, used for messages (error messages, warning, etc.).

The range is delimited by a start position (line,column) and an end position (line, column) + an optional file name.

type t = {
file : string;
start_line : int;
start_column : int;
stop_line : int;
stop_column : int;
val mk : string -> int -> int -> int -> int -> t
val mk_pair : string -> (int * int) -> (int * int) -> t
val mk_pos : Lexing.position -> Lexing.position -> t
val eq : t -> t -> bool
val hash : t -> int
val combine : t -> t -> t

Position that spans the two given positions. The file is assumed to be the same in both case, and is chosen from one of the two positions.

val combine_list : t list -> t

N-ary version of combine.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if the list is empty

val smaller : t -> t -> bool

smaller p1 p2 is true if p1 is included in p2, ie p1 is a sub-location of p2 (interval inclusion)

module Infix : sig ... end
include module type of Infix
val (<+>) : t option -> t option -> t option

Combine two optional locations. Left has priority

include Interfaces.PRINT with type t := t
val to_string : t -> string
val pp_opt : t option CCFormat.printer


val set_file : Lexing.lexbuf -> string -> unit

Change the file name used for positions in this lexbuf

val of_lexbuf : Lexing.lexbuf -> t

Recover a position from a lexbuf