Core types and algorithms for logic
Module type
Class type
Library logtk
Module Logtk . Options

Global CLI options

Those options can be used by any program that parses command line arguments using the standard module Arg. It may modify some global parameters, and return a parameter type for other options.

val _stats : bool ref

Enable printing of statistics?

type input_format =
| I_tptp
| I_zf
| I_tip
| I_dk
| I_guess
val input_format_of_string : string -> input_format
type print_format = Output_format.t =
| O_none
| O_normal
| O_tptp
| O_zf
val print_format_of_string : string -> print_format
  • raises Failure

    if it could not parse

val input : input_format ref
val output : print_format ref

Output format

val comment : unit -> string

Current comment format

val switch_opt : 'a -> ( 'a -> unit ) -> Arg.spec

switch_opt b f is an option that, when parsed, will call f b. Useful for

[ ("--foo", switch_opt true set_foo, " enable foo"
  ; ("--no-foo", switch_opt false set_foo, " disable foo"]
val switch_set : 'a -> 'a ref -> Arg.spec

switch_set x r is the option that, enabled, calls r := x

val add_opt : (string * Arg.spec * string) -> unit

Add a new command line option

val add_opts : (string * Arg.spec * string) list -> unit

Add new command line options

val make : unit -> (string * Arg.spec * string) list

Produce of list of options suitable for Arg.parse, that may modify global parameters and the given option reference.