Core types and algorithms for logic
Library logtk.parsers
type t = {
name : string;(*

name of the prover

command : string;(*

command to call prover

unsat : string list;(*

prover returned unsat (possible outputs)

sat : string list;(*

prover returned sat (possible outputs)


data useful to invoke a prover. The prover must read from stdin. The command is interpolated using Buffer.add_substitude, with the given patterns:

  • "timeout" is the timeout in seconds
val lookup : string -> t

Lookup a prover by its name.

  • raises Not_found

    if the prover is not registered.

val list_provers : unit -> string list

List of registered provers

val register : string -> t -> unit

Register the prover with the given name.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if the name is already used.

val p_E : t
val p_Eproof : t
val p_SPASS : t
val p_Zenon : t
val default : t list