module DkBasic : sig ... end

Part of the Dedukti source file kernel/

module DkLexer : sig ... end

Dedukti source file parsing/lexer.mll.

module DkParser : sig ... end
module DkRule : sig ... end
module DkTokens : sig ... end

Dedukti source file parsing/

module LpLexer : sig ... end
module LpParser : sig ... end
module Package : sig ... end

Find and read lambdapi.pkg files.

module Parser : sig ... end

Parsing functions for Lambdapi.

module Pratt : sig ... end

Parsing of infix operators using the Pratter library.

module Pretty : sig ... end

Pretty-printing the parser-level AST.

module Scope : sig ... end

Scoping. Convert parsed terms in core terms by finding out which identifiers are bound variables or function symbol declared in open modules.

module Syntax : sig ... end

Parser-level abstract syntax.