val out_fmt : Format.formatter ref

out_fmt main output formatter.

val verbose : int Timed.ref

Current verbosity level.

val default_verbose : int ref

Default verbosity level (may be set with command line arguments).

val set_default_verbose : int -> unit

set_default_verbose i sets the default verbosity level to i.

val out : int -> 'a Lplib.Base.outfmt -> 'a

out lvl fmt prints an output message using the format fmt, but only if lvl is strictly greater than the current verbosity level. Note that the output channel is automatically flushed if logging modes are enabled.

val boolean_flags : (bool * bool Timed.ref) Lplib.Extra.StrMap.t ref

List of registered boolean flags, with their default values.

val register_flag : string -> bool -> bool Timed.ref

register_flag id d registers a new boolean flag named id, with default value of d. Note the name should not have been used previously.

val set_flag : string -> bool -> unit

set_flag id b sets the value of the flag named id to be b, or raises Not_found if no flag with this name was registered.

val reset_default : unit -> unit

reset_default () resets the verbosity level and the state of the loggers to their default value (configurable by the user with command line flags). The boolean flags are also reset to their default values.

module State : sig ... end

Module to manipulate imperative state of the typechecker.