val parser_fatal : Common.Pos.pos -> ( 'a, 'b ) Lplib.Base.koutfmt -> 'a

parser_fatal pos fmt is a wrapper for Error.fatal that enforces that the error has an attached source code position.

module type PARSER = sig ... end

Module type of a parser.

module Lp : PARSER
module Dk : PARSER

Parsing dk syntax.

include module type of struct include Lp end
val parse : in_channel -> Syntax.ast

parse inchan returns a stream of commands parsed from channel inchan. Commands are parsed lazily and the channel is closed once all entries are parsed.

val parse_string : string -> string -> Syntax.ast

parse_string f s returns a stream of parsed commands from string s which comes from file f (f can be anything).

val path_of_string : string -> Common.Path.t

path_of_string s converts the string s into a path.

val qident_of_string : string -> Core.Term.qident

qident_of_string s converts the string s into a qident.

val parse_file : string -> Syntax.ast

parse_file fname selects and runs the correct parser on file fname, by looking at its extension.