A complete yet small extension for OCaml standard library (reduced, recommended)
Library extLib
Module Std
val input_lines : in_channel -> string Enum.t

Returns an enumeration over lines of an input channel, as read by the input_line function.

val input_chars : in_channel -> char Enum.t

Returns an enumeration over characters of an input channel.

val input_list : in_channel -> string list

Returns the list of lines read from an input channel.

val input_all : in_channel -> string

Return the whole contents of an input channel as a single string.

val print_bool : bool -> unit

Print a boolean to stdout.

val prerr_bool : bool -> unit

Print a boolean to stderr.

val input_file : ?bin:bool -> string -> string

returns the data of a given filename.

val output_file : filename:string -> text:string -> unit

creates a filename, write text into it and close it.

val string_of_char : char -> string

creates a string from a char.

val identity : 'a -> 'a

the identity function.

val unique : unit -> int

returns an unique identifier every time it is called.

val dump : 'a -> string

represent a runtime value as a string. Since types are lost at compile time, the representation might not match your type. For example, None will be printed 0 since they share the same runtime representation.

val print : 'a -> unit

print the representation of a runtime value on stdout. See remarks for dump.

val finally : ( unit -> unit ) -> ( 'a -> 'b ) -> 'a -> 'b

finally fend f x calls f x and then fend() even if f x raised an exception.