package extlib

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extlib 1.7.8


This package provides the following libraries (via ocamlobjinfo):



  • ExtBytes
  • Enum Enumeration over abstract collection of elements.
  • BitSet Efficient bit sets.
  • DynArray Dynamic arrays.
  • ExtArray Additional and modified functions for arrays.
  • ExtHashtbl Extra functions over hashtables.
  • ExtList Additional and modified functions for lists.
  • ExtString Additional functions for string manipulations.
  • ExtBuffer Extra functions over text buffers.
  • Global Mutable global variable.
  • IO High-order abstract I/O.
  • Option Functions for the option type.
  • PMap Polymorphic Map.
  • Std Additional functions.
  • RefList Reference on lists.
  • OptParse Modules for GNU getopt(3)-style command line parsing.
  • Dllist A mutable, imperative, circular, doubly linked list library
  • ExtLib

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