package dedukti

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type stream

Abstract parser stream representation.

type input

Abstract type for input.

exception Parse_error of Kernel.Basic.loc * string
val input_from_file : string -> input
val input_from_stdin : Kernel.Basic.mident -> input
val input_from_string : Kernel.Basic.mident -> string -> input
val md_of_input : input -> Kernel.Basic.mident
val md_of_file : string -> Kernel.Basic.mident
val file_of_input : input -> string option
val close : input -> unit
val read : stream -> Entry.entry

read str reads a single entry from the parser stream str. When no more entry is available, the End_of_file exception is raised.

val from : input -> stream

from_channel in creates a parser stream for the environment env env given the input in.

val handle : input -> (Entry.entry -> unit) -> unit

handle in f parses the input in in the environment env, using the action f on each entry. Note that the input is parsed lazily. This function can thus be applied to stdin.

val parse : input -> Entry.entry list

parse in completely parses the input in and returns the corresponding list of entries.