package dedukti

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type files_error =
  1. | ModuleNotFound of Kernel.Basic.mident
  2. | MultipleModules of string * string list
  3. | ObjectFileNotFound of Kernel.Basic.mident
exception Files_error of files_error
val add_path : string -> unit

add_path p add the p to the load path

val get_path : unit -> string list

get_path () returns all the paths in the load path

val find_object_file : Kernel.Basic.loc -> Kernel.Basic.mident -> string

get_find_object_file lc md returns the path assoiated to the module md or raise an exception

val object_file_of_input : Parsers.Parser.input -> string

object_file_of_input returns the filename associated to the input

val get_file : Kernel.Basic.mident -> string

get_file md returns the path associated to module md

val find_dk : ignore:bool -> Kernel.Basic.mident -> string list -> string option

find_dk md path looks for the ".dk" file corresponding to the module named name in the directories of path. If no corresponding file is found, or if there are several possibilities, the program fails with a graceful error message.