package tezos-protocol-011-PtHangz2

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Module type
Class type

Places where tez can be found in the ledger's state.

type balance_update =
  1. | Debited of Tez_repr.t
  2. | Credited of Tez_repr.t

A credit or debit of tez to a balance.

type update_origin =
  1. | Block_application

    Update from a block application

  2. | Protocol_migration

    Update from a protocol migration

  3. | Subsidy

    Update from an inflationary subsidy


An origin of a balance update

type balance_updates = (balance * balance_update * update_origin) list

A list of balance updates. Duplicates may happen. For example, an entry of the form (Rewards (b,c), Credited am, ...) indicates that the balance of frozen rewards has been increased by am for baker b and cycle c.

val balance_updates_encoding : balance_updates Data_encoding.t
val cleanup_balance_updates : balance_updates -> balance_updates

Remove zero-valued balances from a list of updates.


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